Genset powered by Daewoo

Genset powered by Daewoo

Genset powered by Daewoo

As an appointed OEM partner of Doosan diesel engines for industrial generating sets by Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd., MTY Company has become a primary manufacturer and supplier for Daewoo engine powered diesel generator sets in China.
Daewoo diesel engines feature compact structure, light weight, low noise and fuel-economy. The combination of Daewoo diesel engines and Leroy Somer alternators provides our diesel gensets with stable performance and good environmental-protection capability. As a result of our high product quality, our diesel gensets are widely used in telecommunication systems, airports, hotels, office buildings, and so on.

Standard specifications of D Genset powered by Daewoo:
Three phase four wire; output voltage 400V/230V, 50HZ; between 0.8 lagging; protection capability according with the standard of NAME1 and IP23.

General features of D Genset powered by Daewoo:
Our diesel generator sets are primarily composed of Daewoo diesel engines and Leroy Somer alternators.
Oil filters, fuel filters and water separators are all equipped.
D diesel generator sets are also fitted with lube-oil drain valve.
Electric starter charger motor (24 VDC)
D diesel generating sets are designed with auto start function.
Soundproof and weatherproof canopy is optional.
3 pole MCCB-Delixi (ABB for optional), set mounted starting battery
D diesel generator sets are equipped with special integrated steel-base tank which are sprayed with gloss enamel paint.
Additionally, we also offer operation and maintenance manual for convenient equipment operation.

Voltage Regulation:
Voltage regulation accurate rate maintained within ±0.5%.
Power factor: between 0.8 and 1.0 lagging and unity
From no load to full load
At speed droop variation upto 4.5%

Frequency Adjustable Ratio:
Change load from 0-100%,within 1.0%( electric speed regulator),within 4.5% (mechanical speed regulator)

Frequency Undulation:
Load from 0-100%, frequency undulation within 0.25%
No load wire volts max undulation ration\ within 1.8%
Three Phrase balanced load in the order of 5%

Effect Factor of Telecom:
TIF better than 50
THF to IEC60034 Part 40 better than 2%

Technical Data of Genset powered by Daewoo:
(Taking D750 series diesel gensets as an example)
Diesel generating set: 50HZ, 1500RPM, 3-PHASE, 400V/230V

Gensets model Power output(KVA) Power output (KW) DAEWOO Engine Model Leroy Somer Alternator
D750 688 750 550 600 P222LE-II LSA49.1M6

(1) Our D series diesel gensets are available in the following voltages: 220V-240V AND 380V-415V (440V)-50HZ
(2) PRP: Prime Power-Continuous duty operation under variable load 24/24-h-10% overload permissible 1 hour /12hours.
(3) Rating Definitions (Operation at Altitude ≤1000m, Ambient temperature ≤ 40℃) Continuous Power. These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power.

Introduction on different parts of Genset powered by Daewoo:
1. Engine
Industrial 4-stroke cooled diesel engine is adopted for composing our diesel generator sets. These engines are completed with air, fuel and oil filters, and electric starting & charging equipment. They are also designed with low-water-level protection function.
2. Alternator
Self regulating brushless alternators are adopted for constructing our diesel generating sets. Additionally, these alternators are self-exciting, screen protected, drip proof. And they are rated in accordance with IEC60034. Voltage regulation maintained within ±0.5% from no load to full load. Power factor: between 0.8 lagging and unity. All standard voltages are available.
More detailed alternator specification:
Brushless, self exciting
Class "H" insulation
Standard degree of protection is IP23
Self regulating
With fan cooling 
Resist humid grease 
AC excitation, rotating rectification tube
Stator grease insulation covered 
Rotator and excitation high polymer; oil and acid resistant
Rotator balance is in accordance with BS5625 standard 12.5
High-quality lubrication sealed long-time bearing
Rotator silicon steel close tight
3. Cooling system
The radiator and cooling fan are designed with protection guards. The cooling system is designed to cool engine when the exhaust air temperature reaches 50 ℃. Radiators suitable for higher temperatures are available. Low water level protection fitted as standard.
4. Electrical system (24V upto)
The electrical system is composed of an axial type starter motor, a battery charging alternator, high capacity lead acid batteries, and a battery tray mounted on the generator base frame, and heavy duty interconnecting cables with terminations.
5. Exhaust system
Heavy duty industrial exhaust silencer with flexible piping.

Control Panel of Genset powered by Daewoo:
1. General introduction:

The base-mounted control panel is designed with a vibration isolated sheet-steel enclosure. The control panel is equipped as follows:
a) Instruments: Analogue Voltmeter, Hours Run Meter, and Water Pressure Meter.
b) Controls: Emergency Stop Pushbutton, Voltmeter Phase Selector Switch.
c) Control module: Standard collocation is Turkey Datakom 507 Auto start.

2. Main features of Genset powered by Daewoo:
Automatic mains failure when there is any problem
Functions to control engine and protect generator
Built in alarming and warning device
Remote start operation is available
Daily / weekly / monthly exerciser
Weekly operation schedule programs
Fuel pump control
ECU control and monitoring via J1940 CANBUS
Mains simulation
Field adjustable parameters
Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring
LED displays
Configurable analogue inputs
I/O expansion capability

Genset powered by Daewoo

Control Module Turkey Datakom 507(with AMF)

Sound-attenuated Enclosure (Optional):
1. Robust Corrosion Resistant Construction
Black finish stainless steel lock and hinges
Enclosure-body is made from steel components treated with polyester powder coating.
2. Excellent Access for Maintenance
Two large doors are designed on each side of the enclosure.
Radiator fill access plate
Lube oil and cooling water drain pipes are connected to the exterior of the enclosure.
3. Security and Safety
The lockable access door is designed with a control panel viewing window.
In the enclosure, there is an emergency stop push bottom (red).
Cooling fan and battery charging alternator are fully guarded.
Exhaust silencing system is totally enclosed, thus providing higher safety standard for operators.

Genset powered by Daewoo
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