Soundproof Generator

Soundproof Generator

Soundproof Generator

Soundproof diesel generators are also known as silent diesel generators. A soundproof diesel generator or soundproof diesel generator set is the combination of a sound-attenuated canopy and an open type diesel generator or soundproof diesel generator set. The sound-proof canopy provides our generators or gensets with good sound-insulation and water-proof capability.
Generally speaking, the interior side of the sound-proof canopy is usually glued with sound insulation materials. And the canopy is also designed with air inlets and outlets, thus enabling silent generators or silent generator sets to aspirate air and dissipate heat.

MTY Company has been specializing in diesel generator set (or diesel generator) manufacturing business since 1997. Our 14 years development and production experience make us become one of the leading soundproof generator manufacturers in China. Equipped with modern production equipment, we can produce soundproof canopies compatible with a diversity of diesel generators. As a result, we are able to produce a wide array of silent diesel generators.

Characteristics of Soundproof Generators (Soundproof Generator Sets):
By adopting specialized sound-insulation materials, the canopy of our silent generators can effectively eliminate noises. As a result, our soundproof diesel generators conform to ISO3744 international standard.

Our diesel generators can always work in an optimum environment as a result of canopies' perfect air ventilation and low thermal radiation.

Designed with a super-large volume fuel tank, our sound proof diesel generators can continuously operating for 8-12hours.

Steady operation is guaranteed by our adoption of shock-absorption measures.

The soundproof enclosure is designed with a control-panel viewing window and an emergency-stop button. Thus it is convenient for us to monitor generators' working status.

We can produce weather-proof canopies. Thus we are also able to provide soundproof diesel generators for outdoor applications.

Introduction to the sound-attenuated enclosure of our silent diesel generators:
Mechanical General:
1. Special steel sheets or steel plates are adopted for making the enclosure of our diesel generators or diesel generating sets.
2. Low noise level with special designed muffler/silencer.

Highly Corrosion Resistant Construction:
1. Zinc plated or stainless steel fasteners are adopted.
2. Canopy body is made from steel components which are treated with anti-rust paint.

Excellent Access for Maintenance:
1. On both sides of the canopy, there is a full length and extra wide doors. Thus it is convenient for us to repair or maintain our soundproof diesel generators.
2. Lube oil and cooling water drains pipes are connected to the exterior of the enclosure.

Security and Safety:
1. The lockable access door is designed with a control panel viewing window.
2. In the enclosure, there is an emergency stop push bottom (red).
3. Cooling fan and battery charging alternator are fully guarded.
4. Exhaust silencing system is totally enclosed, thus providing higher safety standard for operators.

There are lifting-points on base frame, so it is convenient for us to transport soundproof generators.

MTY Company is an experienced soundproof diesel generator manufacturer in China. We are located in Fuzhou city, Fujian province. Fuzhou city is a costal city near to the East China Sea and the South China Sea, which offers us convenient transportation by sea, land and air. Thus we are able to offer our generators at lower prices as a result of our lower transportation fees for raw materials. And our customers can also save on freight charges.
In addition to sound proof diesel generators, we can also provide trailer diesel generators, container gensets, and a series of open type gensets powered by Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Daewoo and Lovol engines.
If you are looking for generators with reliable performance and reasonable price, please directly contact with MTY Company ! We will never disappoint you.

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